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AOC apparently doesn’t like the @ProjectLincoln PAC

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Rep Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez apparently is taking aim at a PAC that was meant to prevent the very same thing Democrats didn’t want: the re-election of Donald J. Trump. Over the weekend, AOC claimed that the PAC (“is just short of def a scam”) but offered little evidence to confirm that. Instead, the Sophmore Congresswoman went on a rant about how the group reportedly raised upwards of $67m but apparently didn’t offer any ineffectiveness reports towards its billboards.

First and foremost, the Lincoln Project obviously worked because almost nobody in the cities where they put their billboards up and such actually voted for Trump. In fact, Trump appears to have lost the election albeit is refusing to concede to Joe Biden.

“Lincoln Project should take the L and publicly pledge to give a lot of their fundraising to the people who actually made a big difference,” Ocasio-Cortez said late Friday.

“@ProjectLincoln is def in scam territory w these results. It’s a pretty bad rep even tho GOP has a thing for failing up. Come clean, say “listen, we thought it’d work, it didn’t,& in good faith we’re gonna raise X mil for these ppl who deserve it,” she said. “And for folks who think it persuaded Republicans, I’d be interested to see data on how effective their videos and NYC billboards were at persuasion. Especially data that justifies $67,000,000.”

Project Lincoln is best known for having been created by a group of former Republicans who had had enough of Donald Trump.



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