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McSally is seriously lagging in the polls, all bets are that she is toast next week

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Martha McSally is likely toast next week in her quest to keep the Senate seat she wasn’t elected to in the first place. As Thursday kicked off, McSally spent some of her time at yet another Trump rally where she was given time on stage to speak. The moment came as she struggles in the polls once again and is largely expected to face a blistering defeat.

This comes as many of her constituents are upset with her vote that helped land AMy Coney Barrett on the Supreme Court.

Martha, just come up fast. Fast. Fast. Come on. Quick. You got one minute! One minute, Martha! They don’t want to hear this, Martha. Come on. Let’s go. Quick, quick, quick. Come on. Let’s go,” Trump said, while waiving her onstage Wednesday night in Arizona.



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