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Here’s why we don’t exactly explicitly identify our political standing

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Despite what you may find at our parent paper (the often inexplicably sassy British version of us) we don’t intend to ever identify or confirm our political standing. As bloggers and newsy heads, it isn’t our job to push a political agenda and that is the exact reason we steer clear of any form of corporate ownership.

For the most part — we have been given the opportunity to control the American version of this flagship news agency as we see fit. With soaring viewership and readers, we try to do our best not to get too political at all.

Politics were never really our thing and we actually won’t be endorsing a candidate for U.S President. Contrary to the many demands and such we receive in reader e-mails, endorsing someone for the Presidency isn’t something we will do for our readers (neither will our parent site.) We may use memes or funny photos — but that is quite literally because we may find them funny. It is not an implication of our political affiliation in any way.

We enjoy informing and entertaining our readers without the need to push some type of political agenda or bias. What we may believe outside of our digital newsrooms honestly has no place inside of our digital newsrooms or papers.

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