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Amy Coney Barrett has been sworn in, er, and by Clarence Thomas of all people

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The new era of the Supreme Court is here and it is widely expected to look like something straight out of Margaret Atwood ‘s The Handmaids Tale. On Monday evening, Coney Barrett was unanimously confirmed in a 52-48 party line vote despite almost unanimous objections from the Democratic party.

The confirmation of her ascension to the highest court comes amid political division so bad in America —- it is widely expected that almost nobody will be safe in these streets come election night. Barrett is a wide-ranging extreme Catholic that many believe to be the latest installment of a far-right agenda across all forms of government.

It’s worth noting that a Supreme Court Justice can indeed be impeached, however, that would only ever become a thing if Democrats won a super majority. The Republicans managed to get their win by desperation and tactics that they denied to then President Obama over claims that his nomination was too close to an election.



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