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The dumpster fire that is the @WSJ is failing badly, here’s why you should cheer that

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Editors Note: One more of Rupert Murdoch ‘s dumpster fire of newspapers is headed quite literally for the dust bin. A new report out this week signals that the WSJ is dying and here’s to one big fucking celebration for that reason in itself.

The Wall Street Journal could easily be described as everything that is wrong with common New York and the commoners among the Wall Street millionaires leeching off of the rest of us. A new Buzzfeed report has found that despite their appearance otherwise, the ageing Murdoch owned dumpster fire is in fact deeply struggling.

The report obtained by Buzzfeed casts doubt on the WSJ ‘s ability to survive amid a cultural reckoning mostly because of their own audiences limited interests. A rag like the Wall Street Journal can’t survive with liberal views; covering modern topics, or even mentions of bare-boned topics like Black Lives Matter.

A core issue at play for the aging 130-year old newspaper is in fact that it continues to pander to its often racist; old, and white male audience that otherwise doesn’t give two American fucks about the modern world. But instead only caring about the small circular bubble they’ve inflated themselves into.



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