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Anarchist cities sue Trump to stop the theft of federal funds from their cities

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The cities widely dubbed “anarchist cities” by Donald Trump are gearing up for a wild court showdown over the ceasing of fedral funds to their cities. Those cities as most of you know are all run by Democrats and involve Seattle; Portland, and New York city just to name some.

Earlier this year —- Trump named the cities as protests broke out of governmetnal failure to stop police brutality against people of colour and the like. In fact, it got so bad that people eventually took to the streets because as far as Donald Trump was concerned police brutality was about as real as one’s chances of winning the jackpot at a casino on a Friday.

The filing names the WH; Bill Bar, and pretty much half of the U.S government who appears to have been behind the move. The filing can be viewed here and is scheduled to play out in federal court over the holiday season.



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