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A FL cop broke the law at a polling site, won’t really face punishment

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A Florida cop in Miami is in the news today after photographs surfaced of said cop wearing a Trump 2020 emblazoned mask at a polling site in the city. Now, for those that aren’t aware wearing a politically charged or political statement item at a polling site in America is illegal — and is considered voter intimidation.

Mayor Francis Suarez now says that the cop will be “disciplined.”

“Officers have a responsibility … to protect our residents and they have to do that in an impartial manner and they can’t be making political statements or making political stances while they are wearing a uniform.” they said in a statement per reports.

A Miami police officer spotted at Government Center and wearing a pro-Trump mask will be disciplined, Miami Police Chief Jorge Colina said Tuesdy.  – STEVE SIMEONIDIS



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