Signs of life near Venus may have been first discovered in 1978: NASA Records

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If there’s one story we are covering network wide on our properties it is the discovery and the almost inevitable confirmation that there may be a life form of some sort floating eons above us near Venus. For those that have been keeping up lately, astronomers and the like recently discovered phosphine near the atmosphere just above Venus. Venus, yes, as in the planet light years away from us in the solar system.

The issue with this discovery is that it may have actually been discovered decades ago back in 1978. According to previously published information from a NASA mission at that time, er, the very same discovery appears to have happened and it largely went overlooked.

To now fully confirm the finding, scientists and astronomers are hoping to get their asses back into space somehow to sniff out the gas they say and have previously recorded to have been there all along. For those not hip to science, phosphine is a chemical/gas that generally has only ever bee associated with signs of life in whatever form may actually be up there. The truth is —- most of us ordinary humans have long been suspect that we aren’t alone and that there may be others (in likely varying forms of species) out there. This discovery and what may come next would either reject or entirely validate those suspicions as researchers plan to scope out the gas and find out exactly what is producing it.

The truth is such a discovery would almost universally alter life on earth.

Perhaps it or they may be like us; they may be very different, perhaps their just minuscule signs of life that could eventually evolve. However —- being totally frank with readers here. The mere discovery that almost any form of life exists anywhere outside of earth would for those of us on earth all but rewrite much of what we believe about ourselves.

It’s concerning that researchers are searching; looking, coming close to finding out the truth but aren’t posing readily available questions that earthlings should be asking when or if a confirmation is completely made. Humans on earth simply can’t continue to search for life outside of earth and not be emotionally and mentally ready for such a discovery — especially if they or “it” happens to look like us or may have the ability to communicate with us.



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