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Dramatic scene in Washington as chaos over COVID outbreak runs wild

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WASHINGTON — It’s going to be a helluva weekend in Washington as news of the COVID outbreak continues to surface. Daily News America has learned that the Trump Admin, per reports, first learned of the outbreak early Wednesday. Despite such, Trump and his crew continued to fly on to fundraisers where they met at least 100 more people including one GOP member of the same committee among those expected to confirm Amy Coney Barrett.

Here’s what we so know so far as the scene continues to unfold:

  1. Both Donald and Melania are positive for COVID-19 and as of this writing are believed to have at least mild symptoms. Sources told multiple outlets Friday afternoon that their symptoms are mild and both displayed obvious ones while aboard Air Force One this week upon their return to Washington. Donald attended at least one fundraiser where dozens of people were present.
  2. The Trump Admin was aware as early as early Wednesday that Hope Hicks had tested positive but chose to ignore the signs and the positive test. It is unclear but obvious as to why.
  3. Senate Judiciary Member Mike Lee has also tested positive for the Coronavirus after having attended a fundraiser/event where at least 100 people had been attendance.
  4. The President’s son Barron has reportedly been placed in a safety bubble amid fears he may have the virus.
  5. It is unknown just how many members of the U.S government now have the virus.
  6. The state of the election is now in peril.
  7. Donald Trump likely will not remain on the campaign trail, and questions about whether or not he will remain on the ballot at all are running wild.
  8. He is apparently and reportedly planning an address to the nation sometime between now and Saturday.



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