LX 2048 is what happens when sci-fi movies take on modern day

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LX 2048 is the latest sci-fi offering the world can now see. In fact, er it is by far one of the weirdest movies in the genre that I’ve seen in a long time. Perhaps it is one of those that when technology gets out of hand movies — this is likely what reality will be like. Not so much a matter of if but rather when.

EDITORS COMMENT: The film credibly grapples with the very real reality we all now live. What happens when the concept of “real life” is no longer as simple as it once was?

LX 2048 almost instantly starts off with an enduring view into the reality we all might live in about 10 or so years (looking at Elon Musk and co here.). In a world where the sun has become so toxic to humans, people in LX 2048 are required to stay inside for the sake of quite literally staying alive. The toxicity of the sun rules the world; VR and “chips” dominate society, and almost everything is done through Goggles.

This film perhaps stands out from others in its genre because instead of moving towards one set theatrical motion it dives deep into a scary; real world, and likely scenario instead of some vivid yet wildly unimaginable thing nobody can quite grasp. You can definitely see the inspiration from Black Mirror and so on throughout much of the film — albeit its associations with real life.

While 2048 certainly has its less-than-exciting moments —- 2048 maintains its fairly exciting storyline of a future society that once for us in the real world seemed pretty out of reach. Eerily, the film portrays our real life under COVID (I couldn’t help but throw that in there.) The internal and external struggles of the terminally ill man make for an almost touching storyline that adds to the elements of a storyline that already had potential.


In a nutshell without giving so much away, the film is about a terminally ill man trying to navigate his way through a very virtual world. Adam Bird, who is also a Dad of 3, eventually finds himself presented with A) a death certificate and B) an insurance programme called “Premium 3.” As it might sound, that insurance programme encourages people to have at least 3 kids or more — and those that do will receive rather tantalizing benefits from the government. In return for their providing to the aging populace, Bird and his ex-wife will be presented with a clone if one or both of them dies. That clone will take over their duties as parent(s); look like them or better, and essentially maintain all of their memories. It quite literally is a far more twisted version of Amazon ‘s Upload.

The futuristic sci-fi films plays well on the fears many of us today have about our lives. The immersion and advancement of technology further into our lives. Sex robots; sex in VR, and the unfathomable idea that eventually our lives could be almost entirely on the internet.


I think what’s most important about this movie is that sometimes certain movies actually should have been television series (or even web series’.) In the case of LX 2048, this movie certainly would’ve been a fantastic plot for a TV series had it had more time to dominate and develop itself over time.


Movie Rating: C+

Final comments: While at times LX 2048 does lack some entertaining aspects, that could mostly be chalked up to the fact that it should’ve been a series rather than a movie. With a plot that could easily develop well over time, LX 2048 the film is more like the appetizer of what could be a pretty good dinner if done again correctly in the future.



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