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Signs of alien life detected in the atmosphere above Venus: Astronomers

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A large group of various astronomers and researchers appear to have made an astonishing discovery high above Venus. According to those researchers and astronomers, a rare chemical like gas (or “molecule”) called phosphine has been detected in the atmosphere above the inhospitable planet. The chemical in itself has mostly ever only been associated with signs of life (whether that may actually be extant life or other forms of spacey-humans.)

The discovery has led to renewed calls for further space exploration, er, although some are quickly reminding others that we don’t know who or what those life forms may be. If indeed aliens, humans on earth aren’t fully aware of how to communicate with them or whether or not it would actually be safe. It would however lead to one general question we should all be asking: How long have they been there? Have we been lied to this entire time? Has the government known?

According to NPR, scientists are arguing that because of the trace (and “size”) of the quantity of phosphine found in the atmosphere of Venus it likely didn’t come from natural processes. In fact, some believe that it full-out came from someone or something we humans haven’t actually seen or discovered yet ourselves.

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