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It’s a Battle Royale for the NRA as embroiled agency fights for its mere existence

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It’s the litigious battle of the century — and the end result may very well be the end of the NRA as we know it. On Thursday, New York ‘s Attorney General Letitia James announced a wide-ranging lawsuit against the embattled “charity” in hopes that it gets shut down for good.

Wayne LaPierre of the NRA speaks in February to the Conservative Political Action Conference.   (AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana, File)

The lawsuit alleges illegal spending; tax evasion, misrepresentation/reporting(s) as a charity, and misuse of formal accounting responsibilities. Most importantly, however, the lawsuit also alleges years worth of fraudulent activities to the tune of nearly $100m.

Bazaar Daily UK was among the first to cover the announcement this morning which marked the beginning of the lawsuit. It is expected that the NRA will be engulfed in the lawsuit for some time as the company was already struggling financially. In case it couldn’t get any worse, James’ lawsuit also aims to bar NRA ‘s executives from ever serving within a charity ever again.



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