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Trump: I asked my people to slow down Coronavirus testing so there weren’t so many cases

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Last night at Donald Trump ‘s poorly attended Tulsa rally, the U.S despot took to his podium to spew falsehoods; medical lies, and well one particular gem that is catching heat online. During his nearly two-hour speech, Trump made the claim that before the rally, er, he told “his people” a pretty bizarre request.

Apparently Trump desperately wanted to slow the rise of the Coronavirus cases presumably not to freak his base out (but that seems rather hard to do.)

“When you do testing to that extent, you’re going to find more people, you’re going to find more cases,” Trump said. “So I said to my people, ‘slow the testing down, please.’ They test and they test.”

Meanwhile, when the topic changed to the Coronavirus, Trump made no mistake but to be more racist than ever before.

“It’s a disease — without question — has more names than any disease in history. I can name ‘Kung Flu,’ I can name 19 different versions of names,” Trump said, as his supporters cheered and clapped. “Many call it a virus, which it is. Many call it a flu, what difference.”



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