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Rayshard Brooks’ DA under investigation for stealing funds from the city of Atlanta

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While America faces its reckoning with its racial past and present, there are actually very real other problems brewing in Georgia. According to reports — it has now emerged that the DA presiding over the murder case of Rayshard Brooks (who was killed by a white cop) might actually be super-fucking-corrupt.

The GBI (Georgia Bureau of Investigations) last month launched an official probe into Paul Howard after it emerged that it is believed he’s been swiping monies all along. Officials believe that he’s been using a reported non-profit in his name to funnel large amounts of monies from the city into his own pockets.

A set of tax records are also under investigation due to the fact they appear to confirm that Howard additionally paid himself upwards of $140,000 to “supplement his income.”

Records seen by Daily News America (as they’ve been seen by numerous others) appear to confirm that Howard received two checks from the city of Atlanta in 2015 and 2016 totalling more than $125,000 a piece. The GBI is now investigating those checks as they believe they’re the beginning of a wider-paper-trail that leads to the alleged money laundering.

The probe was first reported by the Atlanta Journal Constitution last month but additional documentation(s) are now making their way online.



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