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Bye Bye Stassi Schroeder

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Because in the blogging; podcast, and influencer community there is no room for racially insensitive folks. This week saw the longtime coming end of Stassi Schroeder ‘s career after it emerged that she’s got quite the colourful history making racially insensitive comments about black people.

As much as I wish that was a joke it isn’t. According to the Mail (as betrothed as that paper is) Schroeder ‘s hot mic on some of her podcast episodes have actually come back to haunt her. In one of those podcasts, she can be heard telling a co-host that if a black person isn’t nominated it almost never is because of their skin colour — but instead because of their poor acting skills.

Meanwhile, photographs of Stassi ‘s racist past are surfacing. This one is one of many shining examples.



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