A white man has been arrested after he viciously attacked a black teen with a bike lock

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Yet another racially motivated attack has struck the streets of America. According to Buzzfeed News, an 18-year-old Michigan teen is recovering from a violent racially motivated attack after he was viciously attacked with a bike lock.

Reports say that James Lee Mouat has been arrested for the violent attack and charged with at least 3 very serious crimes. Those same reports identify the teen as Devin Freelon Jr, who was attacked on Saturday at a southeastern Michigan beach unprovoked.

The attack reportedly took place at Sterling State Park beach in the area but it remains unclear as to why a group of white people allegedly confronted a sunbathing group of black people. Authorities told the AP that there didn’t appear to be an issue on behalf of the other group of folks, but it was clear that the attack had been racially motivated.



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