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Candace Owens got booted from GoFundMe because of her history of bad-mouthing black people

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Candace Owens (a young conservative activist) who at times does indeed make sense but at others doesn’t (and we’ll openly admit that) has lost her spot on her GoFundMe page. According to reports, the fundraising platform booted Owens over the weekend for apparently violating their Terms of Service [which GoFundMe is historically known for doing so.]

The fundraising efforts were reportedly part of a campaign for Birmingham ‘s Parkside Cafe (whereas it also appears the co-owner might have a bit of racism in his bones.) The store’s owner appears to have gotten caught telling others that he thought Floyd was a thug and that protesters were “idiots”, some of which, ignited a mass exodus of employees from within.

Those comments were aligned with that of Candace Owens who was also recently in the news for telling others that she felt Floyd was part of a “broken system/culture in America.” Those comments in themselves are what got her banned according to the network who cited her for continuously spewing falsehoods about the black community.

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