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Britain ‘s Prince Andrew might be in deep deep shit

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Looks like Andy is actually in very real trouble. According to the Department of Justice and the Southern District of New York, Prince Andrew has now been formally demanded to come forth to be questioned by the Americans.

Reports say that the American government has now demanded to speak to Andy due to longstanding suspicions that he has been in contact with Ghislaine Maxwell this entire time. Maxwell, for those that aren’t up to speed, is believed to have helped Jeffrey Epstein among others procure dozens of young women to be molested by the now deceased billionaire.

It also comes amid reports that Andy has money troubles, so much so, that Queen Elizabeth II herself had to apparently pay a massive legal fee for a vacation spot in Europe that he owed monies on. Sources say that the demands are indeed accurate, and, that Andy allegedly intends to fight each and every one of them (“hoping to use his status to avoid being sent to America.”)

Late last year, Andy was thrown out of the Royal Family and stripped of his duties after his disastrous interview on British television that made the matter worse than it did better.



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