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Cristo Rey High School in Boston might be mistreating your kids, here’s why

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A series of bizarre videos has landed on our radar and they have appeared in both versions of our digital newspaper. This article is part of an ongoing investigation and we are obligated to disclose that students themselves are coming forward.

Last night a string of unsettling videos landed at the doorstep of our British sister-site involving Cristo Rey High School in Boston and a number of teachers that allegedly have attempted quite the cover-up. The first of at least five videos shows a math teacher berating a student before calling them a “disgrace” and storming out of the room. Bazaar Daily News America has confirmed that the video is authentic, and, that the incident is not isolated.

Daily News America.

According to at least two students, this particular teacher has an unusual history of outbursts on campus. One student tells Daily News America that the teacher has often did as seen in the video on at least 4 occasions, although leadership has done close to nothing.

A memo obtained by Daily News America shows that one of the teachers who sought to bring these issues to life was placed on administrative leave after demanding answers about this video and a host of other issues in conjunction with a Zoom call we’ve seen. On Wednesday morning, a 9-minute Zoom call believed to be a staff meeting was played for Daily News America, a Zoom call that confirms many of the allegations by parents and students.

This is a developing story and as we get more information from students; faculty members coming forward, and our British sister site (that obtained the story, to begin with) we will continually pursue this matter.



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